We, the free-minded people, were never meant for the monotonous routines of big IT companies. The mechanical routines had become a restriction to our exploration. It is said that when you find yourself on the side of the majority, you have to stop and reflect. And we did the same! We gathered our own flock, and decided to scout for new horizons.

  • The Start

    In October 2011, a tiny little Hummingbird came into existence. The first year was all about WordPress. The team was 3 members strong. Over 80 sales of our products in the first 3 months set us off to a rolling start.

  • Steady Growth

    The second year saw more of WordPress, with expansion into Joomla and E-Commerce. The team grew to 20 strong this year and we moved to a larger work space! Innovation, Hard Work and Focus got the sales flowing – over 4,000 sales this year.

  • New Horizons

    We continued our focus on WordPress and E-commerce, and also expanded to Daily Tech Deals. The Hummingbird flock grew to 30+ this year with plans to grow some more! We realized that we don’t have to find new markets but we need to focus on what can we deliver to our existing customers. The sales remained strong – over 10,000 sales this year.

  • Healthy Growth

    Healthy Growth in all our divisions took the Hummingbird flock to 50+. More Acquisitions in our core areas helped us to expand both market reach and industry visibility. Sales broke new records – over 25,000 this year!

  • Another Great Year

    Focus on three key areas helped us to scale new heights this year. WordPress, Digital Deals and E-Commerce all showed strong growth. Our team of 55+ passionate youngsters helped to take our sales to an all time high of over 38,000 sales!

  • Focus on customers

    Digital Deals grew steadily this year, and overtook the other divisions. The WordPress Themes and Plugins business saw many challenges from the market, but managed to survive and continue to delight customers this year. ECommerce expanded into Magento Services and SEO services and added many new customers in our fold. Our Team enthusiastic youngsters helped to match last year’s success with 35,000 sales

  • Another Exciting Year

    Digital Deals grew steadily, WordPress continued to deliver solid results to customers, and ECommerce services expanded steadily to reach new heights! Our team of passionate youngsters helped to take our sales to an all time high of over 45,000 sales!

  • Rapid Growth Projections

    A new focus on ECommerce with our SAAS offering, Redesigned WordPress offerings, and continued success with Digital Deals will help us to continue our growth this year. Projections show another blockbuster year, expecting sales to cross all time high numbers, with all round growth in the company. Do you want to be a part of this story ? Contact Us


We make Open Source work for you. Our products help Web Designers and Web Developers save time and money and create magic for their customers. WordPress, e-Commerce solutions and hunting for cool tech deals keeps us busy nowadays, but you never know what we will be doing tomorrow! We are explorers, constantly seeking out new and trendy ideas to delight our customers.